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The Sierra Leone ProgressiveUnionn SLPU Belgium vzw. Is wholly and solely the UMBRELLA Body of ALL Sierra Leoneans Organizations in The Kingdom of Belgium.Below are the five (5) Official  organizations been Represented at the SLPU-Belgium.

1.United Sierra Leonean Organization Brussels
2.SLAWA  Antwerp
3.Sierra Leone Progressive Union-(SLPU Oost vlaanderen )Gent
4.Sierra Leone Organization in Limburg (SOIL-) Limburg

Sierra Leone Progressive Union in Belgium





Name of the organization


Emblem / Logo

Aims and objectives

Rules and regulations

Structure of the union


Submission of reports


Duties and obligation of members


Amendment of the statues

Oath of allegiance

Dedication of gratitude of appreciation



































As a result of the number of Sierra Leoneans nationals and descendants in the  Kingdom of Belgium, some Sierra Leoneans thought it necessary to organize a body that will unify ad seek their interests together as one people. And to further seek to interact with similar bodies in the neighbouring states of the same continent of Europe.


On the 16th of January 1999; through the relentless effort of the following people



  • Shaka Sesay
  • Memuna Johnbull
  • Bobo kuyateh
  • Memuna Mansaray
  • Alhaji Y Bah
  • Abdulai Kamara
  • Mafereh Koroma
  • AdikalieKamara
  • Alieu Bah
  • Safiatu Gbla
  • Ahmed DawoodKamara
  • Sampha Amit Koroma
  • Abdul Morlai Kanu
  • Alhaji Fullah
  • Mohamed Sankoh
  • Mohamed Bangura
  • Martin Senesie
  • Baimba Kargbo
  • Thomas Solomon
  • Musa Saj Kamara
  • Alieu B Sesay
  • Fatmata Fofanah
  • Oumar Kabay
  • Michael Koroma {R I P }
  • Mohamed Conteh
  • Tamba Isaac Thomas
  • Fengai Mbayo
  • Lamin Dainkeh


In as much as this splendid notion was embraced by all who later registered to be members, a decision was taken by a majority to set up a constitution in the name of the organization; since law is said to be the safeguard of society. Thus the contents of this document are, hereby, proclaimed to be the constitution in which all details of the union are outlined. This is a non political organization.

It should however, be borne in mind that none of the constitutional draftsmen claims infallibility; not only mistakes and omissions are bound to occur here and there, but also the current provisions in the constitution may fail to meet the wishes and aspirations of future members of the organization; hence the need to render it flexible enough for amendments, when the need for that arises.

No organization functions properly without the concerted effort and co-operation of its members, therefore we are appealing to all members of the organization to contribute their maximum co-operation and capability to uphold and ensure the smooth functioning of this constitution. It is the right of any of its members, to have it in his/her disposal, as long as it is not being misused or abused.

Due to the formation of many organizations in various regions, the Sierra Leone Progressive Union will serve as the umbrella organization.

We pray for the guidance and protection of God (Amin).





The name of the organization is the THE SIERRA LEONE PROGRESSIVE UNION IN BELGIUM





The motto of the organization is: TOGETHER AS ONE





The emblem is a symbol of two hands, shaking in harmony, with a background view of both the Sierra Leone flag and that of the kingdom of Belgium.






  1. To serve as a platform to the various regional Sierra Leonean organizations, i e to meet and discuss issues that affects the community
  1. To strive for unity among Sierra Leoneans in Belgium
  1. To work in order to establish a better relationship with other nationals
  1. To raise funds to help regions on cases such as death and deportation.
  1. To help in certain developmental project back home, especially in the fields of health, education and agriculture
  1. To create a link with other Sierra Leonean organizations outside Belgium
  1. To promote the cause of Sierra Leoneans in Belgium
  1. To integrate into the Belgium society
  1. To promote and preserve Sierra Leonean cultural and traditional values in Belgium




  1. Executive meetings shall be held on three monthly basis and general meetings twice a year and venue shall be rotational. Time, date and venue shall be determined by the president in consultation with the executive
  1. English or krio (lingua franca) shall be the medium of communication during meetings; but French, Netherlands or German, shall be permitted.
  1. A quorum shall constitute 2/3 of those present during an executive meetings
  1. All regions are equal.
  1. The presiding officer shall be address as president through whose permission one may speak, and he/she shall be supported by the whip
  1. Interruption or disturbances of any kind shall not be entertained or tolerated during meetings. A fine of five euros shall be levied upon any member violating this rule.
  1. Absence at meetings of any executive member without prior notice to the President or secretary shall be levied with a fine of five euros. This fine shall be increased to twenty euros when a member is absent for more than two consecutive meetings
  1. All regional monetary contributions are not refundable
  1. Members must abide by the laws of the Kingdom of Belgium
  1. Voting on issues of decision making is based on a simple majority
  1.  Members and observers having ideas towards the progress of the organization can express these views during meetings
  1. Legal action shall be taken for misappropriation of funds. Cost involved shall be incurred by the culprit
  1. S L P U Belgium shall assist with the sum of one thousand euros on the death of an active regional member or a newly arrived person legally or after leaving center within ninety days.
  1. S L P U presidency shall be rotational (regional)




The union is divided into three organs / bodies; namely


SECTION (A)The executive

SECTION (B)Regional unions

SECTION (C)The sub-committees




The power to run / administer the union shall be vested in a generally elected body of officers who shall be called The Executive, which shall be charged with the duty to make further rules, regulations and by-laws when necessary. The rules and regulation must be subjected to vote by the executive




  1. The President
  1. The Vice President
  1. The Secretary General
  1. The Assistant Secretary General
  1. The Public Relations Officer
  1. Assistant PRO
  1. The financial Secretary
  1. Assistance Financial Secretary
  1. The Whip
  1. Treasurer


Each of the above officers shall take oath of office before resuming; and must be prepared to be scrutinized in their work for the organization. The system of checks and balances is of paramount importance.


The function of the executives:


1.The President:The union shall be headed by a president whose function are as follows:-

a.He/she shall presides over all general and executive meetings

b.He/she is to oversee the smooth administration of the union

c.He/she is to sign and be notified of all documents/activities of the union

e.In case of any uncontrollable situation during general meetings, he/she is to sustain/discontinue proceedings, or suspend any member perceived as an obstacle

d.He/she is to pronounce the dismissal of an executive member, and the expulsion of a member, both of which must be approved by the general body


2.The Vice President:

a.He/she shall assist the President and act on his/her behalf

b.In case of emergency, he/she shall complete the term of chairman, and the secretary general shall continue with the position of vice President together with his duties


3.The Secretary General:


a.He/she shall take appropriate minutes of all meetings

b.He/she is responsible to inform members of all meetings

c.He/she is responsible to read and write letters of correspondences. And he/she is the custodian of all documents pertaining to the union, which shall be protected by the executives

d.He/she is to prepare the reference file intact for every executive and general meeting

e.He/she shall continue with the term of vice chairman (see 2 b above)


4.The Assistance Secretary General:


He/she shall assist and act in the absence of the secretary general






5.The Public Relation Officer (Pro):


a.He/she is responsible to project the image of the union

b.He/she is to interact and co-ordinate with other necessary organizations

c.He/she is responsible to publicize the activities of the union, in agreement/with the consent of the executives


6.The Organizing Secretary:


a.He/she is responsible to see that convenient accommodation are made for all activities of the union

b.All social activities of the union shall be headed by the organizing secretary with the help of an organizing committee


7.The Financial Secretary:


a.He/she is responsible for taking notes on the finances of the union; when called upon, he/she must be able to give an accurate figure of the financial standing of the union

b.He/she is to know what is in the organization’s coffers, and must therefore take note on income and expenditure


8.The Treasurer:


a.He/she is responsible to collect cash in the name of the union

b.He/she is responsible for the disbursement of cash approved by 2/3 of the executives

c.He/she must keep a clear balance sheet of income receive and expenditure disbursed. He/she must produce on demand an explicit analysis of income and expenditure of the union’s fiscal standing


9.The Bankers’ Trust:


This is the body that shall be entrusted with the task of opening an account (current and savings) on behalf of the union. It shall consist of members of the five regions in Belgium who shall be signatories to the account. Should there be a need for card; the current account must not exceed €500. They must only make a withdrawal from the said account with the consent and approval of 2/3 of the members of the executives.

They must be given a written authority by the chairman of the union with the approval of the executive


The Auditing;

A committee shall be formed and shall be empowered to investigate and reveal the spending and collection of all monies and to make sure that there are no improprieties, embezzlement or theft of the unions` funds. He/she is the head of other auditors who are only appointed when there is a need to audit [e.g. end of financial year].

The officers to be audited are as follows:

Financial Secretary,

The Treasurer,

Bank Account Trustees,

The following officers are required to submit all documents related to finance to the Auditor general for auditing.

Chairperson, Secretary, Financial secretary, The Treasurer, and Bank account Trustees.

The auditors are expected to be trustworthy. An audit report shall follow other financial statement.


The Social Welfare Officer

He/she shall see to the general welfare of members, especially in cases of illness that requires serious/emergency medical attention.

He/she shall inform members during meetings about situation {medical/social (newcomers)}.

He/she is responsible to set up and lead a selected or voluntary group of members that will be paying visit to members who need our moral support


The Whip

Regional whips shall be responsible for orderly behavior during meetings.



The Advisers

A committee of reputable members shall be formed to advise the chairman and the executive on matters relating to the union. They shall liaise with the executive and vice versa to ensure cordial relationship amongst the executive officials, and also regional organizations. They shall be intelligent and highly-though-of members of the union to consult the union’s solicitor and also advise.



It shall be up to the regions to choose their representatives to the S L P U executive to represent their regions effectively in all aspect of the union.



Two representatives from each of the five region shall be required and they shall conduct the agreed form of election (ballot).


Submission of reports

All executive members are to submit report on six monthly basis. These reports shall determine the efficiency of the representation.



This consists of the total number of individuals that registered and paying their monthly contribution and any other contribution as the need may arise in their various regions. Regional membership must be made known to S L P U. A list of active members shall be submitted to S L P U at every executive meeting as update of regional membership. S L P U has no single member. The total number of regional members constitute of the S L P U membership.


General guideline to regional associations

  1. Members must respect the laws of the state of Belgium.
  1. Every regional must respect and abide by the S L P U constitution in its entirety.
  1. Members must pay their monthly contribution, fines and other contributions as the need may arise
  1. Members must respect each and every one at all times.

5.Discussions shall be conducted in a friendly atmosphere at all times.

6.Members shall help build the Union by participating in its programs/activities.

7.All forms of contributions are compulsory. Members who fail to meet this condition must be considered to have withdrawn their membership from the organization.

8.Members who have no legal status and, or no income are exempted from any of contribution.

9.Members must be punctual at meetings and participate in discussions and decision making



The organization shall be financed mainly through the following:

  1. Fund raising activities
  1. Seeking assistance from donor organization



Sub-committees shall be set-up when necessary to carry out certain duties on behalf of the union such as: .

Disciplinary, Investment etc.




These laws can be amended through the move of a motion and with a 2/3 majority of active members of the union. By-laws shall also be made as and when the need may arise. As stated in on the 5th paragraph of article one, omissions and mistakes made shall be amended to meet future need.


Oath of allegiance



name of regional organization,


the undersigned, have read this document (after been explained and debated amongst us), do hereby accept to wholeheartedly respect and defend this constitution. We pledge our regional voluntary services to this organisation.

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