The name of the organization is the THE SIERRA LEONE PROGRESSIVE UNION IN BELGIUM


The motto of the organization is: TOGETHER AS ONE


The emblem is a symbol of two hands, shaking in harmony, with a background view of both the Sierra Leone flag and that of the kingdom of Belgium.


  1. To serve as a platform to the various regional Sierra Leonean organizations, i e to meet and discuss issues that affects the community
  2. To strive for unity among Sierra Leoneans in Belgium
  3. To work in order to establish a better relationship with other nationals
  4. To raise funds to help regions on cases such as death and deportation.
  5. To help in certain developmental project back home, especially in the fields of health, education and agriculture
  6. To create a link with other Sierra Leonean organizations outside Belgium
  7. To promote the cause of Sierra Leoneans in Belgium
  8. To integrate into the Belgium society
  9. To promote and preserve Sierra Leonean cultural and traditional values in Belgium


  1. Executive meetings shall be held on three monthly basis and general meetings twice a year and venue shall be rotational. Time, date and venue shall be determined by the president in consultation with the executive
  2. English or krio (lingua franca) shall be the medium of communication during meetings; but French, Netherlands or German, shall be permitted.
  3. A quorum shall constitute 2/3 of those present during an executive meetings
  4. All regions are equal.
  5. The presiding officer shall be address as president through whose permission one may speak, and he/she shall be supported by the whip
  6. Interruption or disturbances of any kind shall not be entertained or tolerated during meetings. A fine of five euros shall be levied upon any member violating this rule.
  7. Absence at meetings of any executive member without prior notice to the President or secretary shall be levied with a fine of five euros. This fine shall be increased to twenty euros when a member is absent for more than two consecutive meetings
  8. All regional monetary contributions are not refundable
  9. Members must abide by the laws of the Kingdom of Belgium
  10. Voting on issues of decision making is based on a simple majority
  11.  Members and observers having ideas towards the progress of the organization can express these views during meetings
  12. Legal action shall be taken for misappropriation of funds. Cost involved shall be incurred by the culprit
  13. S L P U Belgium shall assist with the sum of one thousand euros on the death of an active regional member or a newly arrived person legally or after leaving center within ninety days.
  14. S L P U presidency shall be rotational (regional)
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