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As a result of the number of Sierra Leoneans nationals and descendants in the  Kingdom of Belgium, some Sierra Leoneans thought it necessary to organize a body that will unify ad seek their interests together as one people. And to further seek to interact with similar bodies in the neighbouring states of the same continent of Europe.


On the 16th of January 1999; through the relentless effort of the following people



Shaka Sesay


Bobo kuyateh

Memuna Mansaray
Alhaji Y Bah

Abdulai Kamara

Mafereh Koroma


Alieu Bah

Safiatu Gbla
Ahmed DawoodKamara

Sampha Amit Koroma

Abdul Morlai Kanu

Alhaji Fullah

Mohamed Sankoh

Mohamed Bangura

Martin Senesie

Baimba Kargbo
Thomas Solomon

Musa Saj Kamara

Alieu B Sesay

Fatmata Fofanah

Michael Koroma {R I P }

Mohamed Conteh

Tamba Isaac Thomas
Fengai Mbayo

Lamin Dainkeh


In as much as this splendid notion was embraced by all who later registered to be members, a decision was taken by a majority to set up a constitution in the name of the organization; since law is said to be the safeguard of society. Thus the contents of this document are, hereby, proclaimed to be the constitution in which all details of the union are outlined. This is a non political organization.

It should however, be borne in mind that none of the constitutional draftsmen claims infallibility; not only mistakes and omissions are bound to occur here and there, but also the current provisions in the constitution may fail to meet the wishes and aspirations of future members of the organization; hence the need to render it flexible enough for amendments, when the need for that arises.

No organization functions properly without the concerted effort and co-operation of its members, therefore we are appealing to all members of the organization to contribute their maximum co-operation and capability to uphold and ensure the smooth functioning of this constitution. It is the right of any of its members, to have it in his/her disposal, as long as it is not being misused or abused.

Due to the formation of many organizations in various regions, the Sierra Leone Progressive Union will serve as the umbrella organization.

We pray for the guidance and protection of God (Amin).


The Sierra Leone Progressive Unnion SLPU Belgium vzw. Is wholly and solely the UMBRELLA Body of ALL Sierra Leoneans Organizations in The Kingdom of Belgium.Below are the five (5) Official  organizations been Represented at the SLPU-Belgium.
1.United Sierra Leonean Organization Brussels
2.SLAWA  Antwerp
3.Sierra Leone Progressive Union-(SLPU Oost vlaanderen )Gent
4.Sierra Leone Organization in Limburg (SOIL-) Limburg

"Together as one"

2016-05-10 04.35.57

Alhaj BAH

SLPU- President


Slpu Vice -President


P.R.O Slpu Belgium


The sierra Leone Progressive union (SLPU) meeting was held on the 28 September 2013 at the resident of mr   fasuluku ,  an executive member of the sierra Leonean organization in Rooselear,. The main objective of this meeting is for  an election  and representation of  distinguish regions of Belgium  to   represent their organizations with two (2)members  as executive bodies  that will govern  the running affairs of the sierra Leone central  union of Belgium(BRUSSELS ANTWERP,GHENT, ROOSLARE and LIMBURG) . 

    Moreover,  Aendorsement of a writing  constitution of the central union (pamphlet) is been issuied  among  regional bodies  followed by an election process by the  interim Constitutional president Mr Mohamed conteh ( Brussels)  ballot  electoral system for 10 executive position is carry out respectively . 

   These are as follows.   

  • BRUSSELS:  Chief wipe and financial secretary. 

  • ANWERPEN: Vice president /Assistance P.R.O 

  • GHENT:  president / Secretary General. 

  • LIMBOURG:  Assistance Financial Secretary / P.R.O. 

  • ROOSELAER: treasurer / Assistance Secretary General. 

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