Delivering healthcare in Sierra Leone is one of the utmost challeges facing our country today-access to healthcare facilities like hospitals and clinic and qualified healthcare experts such as doctors and nurses and healthcare workers are very limited if any;

but within this unfornate reality there is good news the Sierra Leone Progressive Union SLPU Belguim is planning to build in Sierra Leone an OUTPATIENT Orthopidic clinic. The Belgium Bone Clinic, this project is called SLPU 2020.

As a private organization we are looking forward to be in partners with Private and public institutions and Governments in achieving this Orthopedic Clinic. in this environment where medical care is grossly insufficient.

Our Goal is to decrease the number of Orthopedic Patients heading for hospitals wherein Doctors ,Nurses and medical staffs are often over stretched and over loaded with Patients; and more often the quality of healthcare treatment is very POOR , and the NEED is Great.

SLPU-Belgium is appealing to All Sierra Leoneans and Non-Sierra Leoneans for YOUR mutual efforts, your support and most of all TOGETHER we will fulfill this noble Project of OURS;

Lets us also don't forget Patriotism also includes the True Love and Honesty feelings for our fellow citizen.


SLPU-Belgium Team

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